Solo Ads That Work – Best Platform to Use!

The service or website that I’m using to buy ALL my solo ads is Udimi

Solo Ads That Work

And let me tell you what Udimi is …

Udimi is an online solo ad service that allows you to easily find other online marketers in your niche with huge e-mail lists that you can use to send out an offer to. Udimi can be a tool that is both beneficial to users with large e-mail lists and those looking to get started out as an online marketer.

One of the most difficult aspects when attempting to make money using Solo Ads is simply trying to break even. A lot of times individuals will end up paying for $500 in clicks only to see no subscribers join their list or no individuals showing interest in your offers. Other times, it can be the complete opposite. It really is a hit or miss situation.

Just to be able to purchase solo ads on Udimi you’ll first need to subscribe as a FREE member. From there, you can browse through the list of solo ad providers and choose whatever service you think may be best for you.

Everyone charges their own decided fee.. While some solo ad providers will charge only $.30 cents a click, I’ve seen others charge up to $.70 cents and more. Just take note here, that just because they’re charging more doesn’t necessarily mean it will be better for you. Of course, the trustworthiness and responsiveness of the e-mail list plays an important factor here. But using Solo Ads is so unpredictable that simply trying to gauge this from the price is impossible.

So.. Is Udimi Legit and a good place to buy?

Yes Udimi is legit and is the best place to start buying solo ads. It´s basically a marketplace of solo ad sellers and buyers. Meaning you can both buy and also sell traffic. So if you’ve a mailing list, then you can make easy money with Udimi. If you don’t have a list, the you can buy traffic! and start building your list.

You need to understand this 😉

The solo ad provider/seller want to have a good reputation in this platform to continue to sell ever more ..
So, he has to sell a good solo ad every time that you order .. Of course that nobody guarantees sales or optins,
but we are talking about is unique clicks and not bots and a good % of top tier 1 !!!

Do I love it? Hell yeh! Why you might ask? Well that’s a silly thing to ask me. It brings me targeted traffic, which in turn it generate me money and also builds my email list at the same time. As many internet marketers will tell you, the money is in the list. Get that in your ear-holes! Just kidding.

I kid you not, if you’re serious about making money online, especially in the long run. you need UDIMI! That’s all I have to say1 Good luck to everyone out ther.


If you create your account today, i will give you a pretty cool video training of how to choose a good solo ad provider inside the Udimi platform.. You just need to create your account and shoot me an email with your udimi name or id to with the subject line “I create my Udimi acc, send me the video”


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